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Motherless Daughters Workshops

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  • Learn the 10 principle's, tips and lessons of womanhood for motherless daughters after abandonment. 
  • Become familiar with the barriers associated to the lives of daughters that choose to grief the loss of their mothers that are still alive. 
  • Learn how to support motherless daughters and guide them in their journey of forgiveness, personal & professional development. 
  • Become an advocate, ally and professional in the process associated to giving life back to daughters that live without mothers. 


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Friendship & Influence  

Motherless Daughters will participate in a 2 Hour workshop covering the activities associated to forgiveness, friendship and influence through our lens.

Acknowledging Generational Trauma, Curses and Dysfunction 

Motherless Daughters  will engage in activities throughout a 2-4 hour workshop to help them identify the generational trauma, curses and dysfunction in their immediate family. 

Bet On Yourself: 

1st Generation Leadership 

Motherless Daughters will learn how to apply personal and development skills towards their lives in-spite while living without a moms support.